Learn to Use a Climbing Harness

Learn how to fit your climbing harness properly from climbing expert Cliff Simanski in this Howcast video.

So before you can do any climbing, you’re going to need to know how to fit your climbing harness.

So the first step, when learning how to put on your climbing harness is learning how to orient it. In the front of the harness, you’re going to see this belay loop. In the back of the harness, they’ll be these elastic straps that kind of hold your leg loops up.

You want to hold your harness with the belay loop facing away from you and those elastic straps facing toward the back. You’re going to then step through the waist belt, putting one leg through each leg loop.

You want to make sure that while you’re pulling the harness up that you get your waist belt nice and high above your hips. That’s a really important part of properly fitting your climbing harness.

Once I have the harness in position, I’m going to start to cinch down that waist belt. I want to make sure that the waist belt is tight enough that it’s not going to pull back down over my hips. This way I know that I’m secure. I won’t fall out of the harness.

As far as the leg loops are concerned, this harness here doesn’t even have adjustable leg loops. One reason for that is that the leg loops are primarily there for comfort and to prevent you from flipping over.

So, the leg loops that do have adjustments on them should just be snugged down for comfort. They kind of help to disperse the weight as well so when you’re sitting in the harness all that weight isn’t pulling just on your waist. But, it’s kind of more like you’re sitting back in a chair. And it allows you to be a little bit more comfortable when you’re hanging.

So that would be how to fit your climbing harness.


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