How to Rock Climb with Cliff Simanski

Learn about Cliff Simanski, one of Howcast’s indoor rock climbing experts, in this video.

Hey everyone, my name is Cliff. I’m the lead instructor here at the Cliffs at Long Island City. Just wanted to tell you a bit about myself. I started climbing around 2006, and just really loved it. The minute I started, I got hooked. I was in a climbing gym all the time. i couldn’t get enough of it. It became a career for me. It became my lifestyle. It became my whole social network, and just kind of overtook it. I just really, really love it. Everything about the sport just kind of really pulled me right in.

After working in the city for a couple of years, I decided I wanted to go out and explore all the places that I’ve been seeing all these pictures and watching all these videos about. So, I bought a truck, put a platform in it, and just hit the road and started driving. For about two years, I traveled around the U.S. and stopped at a bunch of major climbing destinations to do all the different disciplines of climbing. Stopping in the Waco Tanks to boulder for a couple of months. Stopping in the southeast to do all kinds of trad climbing and different types of sport climbing, eventually making my way to Yosemite, California where I started to learn how to crack-climb and do some big walls as well. I kind of used El Cap in Yosemite Valley as a culmination to my trip. Myself and 2 friends of mine, a gentleman named Bill Behr who is actually the director here at the Cliffs, and another guy named Dirk Peters. The 3 of us climbed El Cap together. It was an epic journey. It was our first big wall experience. We spent a couple nights sleeping on the wall, setting up porta-ledges. We just loved it. It was horrifying, it was great. We just had a blast doing it.

So, I came back to New York at the end of my trip to take part in this Cliffs of Long Island facility gym. Here we are. The Cliffs of Long Island City is about 30,000 square feet of climbing, really tall ceilings. We have lead climbs that are about 60 feet long with 45 foot ceilings, tons of bouldering. About 20,000 square footage of floor space down at the bottom. We also have a climbing gym in Valhalla, New York. That’s known as the Cliffs at Valhalla. So please check out both facilities. We want you guys to come and get real excited about climbing. These walls are gorgeous, the space is amazing. Right here, one of the biggest gyms in all of the Northeast. Basically, the whole east coast. Top 5 largest gyms. Really, an impressive facility, so come in and check it out. We hope to see you guys here and get you as excited about climbing as I am. If you guys want to learn more, please check out our website at Plenty of information available to you, lots of updates about what we have going on, all the classes we offer, more details about the facility, so please check us out.


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